AMP Industry Showcase 2017-2018


Costume Design by Sophie El Assaad

Set Design by Nalo Soyini Bruce

Directed by Shanti Gonzales and Michelle Soicher

Stage Managed by Nikita Bala

Performances by Michelle Rambharose, Justin Johnson, Jeremy Cabrera, Emmanuel Hyppolite, Gita Miller, Gabe Maharjan and Benita Bailey



The costume designs were inspired by the texts we worked with as an ensemble throughout the year. Our vision was based on individual growth by learning about where we come from, defining who we are and researching our ancestors and past in order to progress into the future, away from a white washed construction of society . Inspired by the aesthetic of Afro-futurism, I wanted each performer to feel a sense of individual empowerment and growth. I wanted to showcase how what was once seen as colonialist oddities is re-approriated by the culture at hand and used to empower and make society unite as a tapestry of multi-cultural wealth.