The Pussy Princesses are a grotesque compilation of ideals regarding the representation of female sexuality as both mythical Goddess and hyper sexual object. They comment on the principle of hyper-sexuality in the media and in pornography and how women have been made to believe they should manipulate their bodies in order to fit a certain beauty standard, leading one to question why this is. Being dolls, they also speak to female trafficking and the notion of objectification, placing the viewer in a position of either a potential buyer or voyeur. Despite these ideas, the dolls evolved into their own separate entity, becoming individual goddesses that seemed to celebrate inherent female sexuality, like the primitive Venus of Willendorf once did many years ago. It is my intention that these dolls become reminders of the problems the female gender has faced and still faces, but that they also inspire hope for the fuller and more accepting embrace of what is Woman, in its most natural and beautiful state.